Thursday, March 31, 2011


My friend Kate sent me a link to a great post over at Gloria LeMay Birth Blog. It's called "After the birth, what a family needs." It contains a really good list of ideas for helping out a family with a newborn (hint, hint):
1. Buy us toilet paper, milk and beautiful whole grain bread.
2. Buy us a new garbage can with a swing top lid and 6 pairs of black cotton underpants (women’s size____).
3. Make us a big supper salad with feta cheese, black Kalamata olives, toasted almonds, organic green crispy things and a nice homemade dressing on the side. Drop it off and leave right away. Or, buy us frozen lasagna, garlic bread, a bag of salad, a big jug of juice, and maybe some cookies to have for dessert. Drop it off and leave right away.
4. Come over about 2 in the afternoon, hold the baby while I have a hot shower, put me to bed with the baby and then fold all the piles of laundry that have been dumped on the couch, beds or in the room corners. If there’s no laundry to fold yet, do some.
5. Come over at l0 a.m., make me eggs, toast and a 1/2 grapefruit. Clean my fridge and throw out everything you are in doubt about. Don’t ask me about anything; just use your best judgment.
6. Put a sign on my door saying “Dear Friends and Family, Mom and baby need extra rest right now. Please come back in 7 days but phone first. All donations of casserole dinners would be most welcome. Thank you for caring about this family.”
7. Come over in your work clothes and vacuum and dust my house and then leave quietly. It’s tiring for me to chat and have tea with visitors but it will renew my soul to get some rest knowing I will wake up to clean, organized space.
8. Take my older kids for a really fun-filled afternoon to a park, zoo or Science World and feed them healthy food.
9. Come over and give my husband a two hour break so he can go to a coffee shop, pub, hockey rink or some other r & r that will delight him. Fold more laundry.
10. Make me a giant pot of vegetable soup and clean the kitchen completely afterwards. Take a big garbage bag and empty every trash basket in the house and reline with fresh bags.
I'm definitely not one to ask for help -- even though I know I'll need it. So if you're one of my local friends, you can take this post as a call for assistance. Although, No. 8 is not applicable to me, it's a good tip for other families.

No matter how helpful it may, I'm definitely not going to tell you my underpants size.

*Assistance - help; aid; support

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 36: Anticipation*

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and officially four weeks from my due date. However, at my appointment yesterday the doctor said she thinks I have about five weeks left. I'm really not sure what to think of that but I'm going to stick with my prediction of April 15.

My newsletter from Fit Pregnancy tells me:
Your due date just suggests a time when the baby's likely to be born. In reality, you could go into labor any time between now and six weeks from now!
They also say that Baby is about 6 pounds now and 20 1/2 inches. Obviously this is the "normal" size at this point. Based on measurements my doctor takes of my uterus, she says I am on track. So I'm not worried about him being too small or too large yet.

The newsletter goes on to say, "Five to ten percent of all mothers report that babies start to slow down as they grow larger and get more cramped for space." I have yet to experience that. Baby is moving as much as ever. I'm pretty sure he thinks he can make more space by pushing and kicking. It's a bit like sharing space on the couch with my dog -- she may be little but she thinks she needs lots of room.

Still, I think Baby's pretty comfortable in there at the moment because I haven't experience the lightening I keep reading about:
You may feel a lightening sensation on your ribs and organs as your baby descends into your pelvis. Breathing and eating will be easier, but you'll be running to the bathroom more often than ever, and the change in pressure may cause shooting pains in your groin or leg.
I still have trouble catching my breath and I'm going to the bathroom constantly. I think Baby is doing a lot of stretching out in there. Like I said, I think he just keeps making himself comfortable. Sorry, dude, you're going to have to come out pretty soon.

*Anticipation - expectation; hope (If today's title has you thinking of ketchup, you are a reader of a certain age.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I spoke with my aunt over the weekend. She's my mom's youngest sister and was always our "cool" aunt, the aunt that would play games with us and take us places and generally spoil us. She never had kids of her own, but that never stopped her from being like a surrogate mom to her nieces and nephews (and now, their kids).
Your blogger on her baptism day with her Aunt D
She lives eight hours away but had made plans to attend our baby shower. Unfortunately, like so many people this time of year, she was done in by bronchitis and didn't make it. She told me she was worried about me, even though she was told it was not contagious. She sounded awful even a week later, so I'm glad she didn't wear herself out making the drive here. Still, I was touched by her intentions. Not only did she send a cradle for Baby, she was planning to come see me and bring me a rocking chair. (Did I mention she was always our cool aunt?)
Aunt D, me and my brother in Missouri -- many years ago
I told her she needs to come and see Baby after he has officially joined the family. I have plenty of pictures of the bump I can share with her.

It's probably a good thing she didn't make it to the shower. I would have been so surprised I might have gone into labor right there.

*Touched - moved; stirred

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have a Honda Element. It's been an extremely practical car, with its adjustable -- and removable -- rear seats, its easy clean floor, its spacious interior. We bought it a few years ago with kids in mind and when we've hauled around my nieces and nephews or other kids, it's been great.

I had some concerns about the clam-shell doors in crowded parking lots but haven't had a problem ... yet.

Yesterday, we went to install Baby's car seat in my Element. It fits just fine. But take a look at this photo again -- click here -- and check out where the back seat starts. (I'll wait.) The back seat is behind the door opening. That's great for bigger kids and awesome for adults -- look at all that leg room! Now imagine trying to get a squirmy infant into a rear-facing car seat. Ack! There's no room at all!

So, we're left to decide between me being constantly frustrated with my car, using the S.O.'s vehicle (which is older and doesn't have stability control or side-curtain air bags), purchasing a different car seat -- either a really expensive one that swivels or an infant car seat that comes off the base and would need to be replace when Baby reaches its weight limit -- or trading in my Element for a vehicle with normal back doors and back seats. The last one seemed the most appealing yesterday when I just threw up my hands and walked away. However, my Element is so close to being paid off, that option seems silly (and is, obviously, the most expensive one).

I was pretty excited about the car seat we bought because it converts from a rear-facing infant seat (that holds 5-35 pound child) all the way up to a booster seat that will hold a kid up to 100 pounds. And we used our rewards from Costco so we paid next to nothing for it.

I know the infant seats are convenient -- especially when the little one falls asleep in the car -- but I was hoping to avoid buying more than one seat. And while the idea of a new car is always appealing, we really are trying to save money. Baby will need to go to a good college to support his mommy and daddy someday.

At this point, I will probably let (make) the S.O. decide what we should do, and I will concentrate on these final few weeks of growing Baby. Although, dear readers, your advice is also welcome.

*Frustrated - disappointed; thwarted

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I came across this story this week: Breastfeeding Women Viewed as Less Competent. Less competent at what? you might ask. Apparently, according to this study, almost everything.

As someone who plans to breastfeed her baby, I'm shocked. So, the studies tell me my baby will be smarter if I breastfeed him but I'll appear dumber. Is there no way for a mom to win?
“A woman may not breastfeed because of worry over how she will be evaluated by other people,” the researchers conclude. “Data from the current project suggest this worry may be warranted, to the extent that breastfeeding is a devalued social category.”
I shouldn't be surprised by how judgmental we all are -- to ourselves, to each other. But it's sad that babies may not get what's nutritionally best for them not because moms have health issues or because the babies can't latch on, but simply because women are afraid -- with just cause -- of how they'll be viewed.

*Incompetent - not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable

Saturday, March 26, 2011


My family lives thousands of miles away. We keep in touch by phone, Facebook and Skype. The S.O.'s family lives minutes away and, for various reasons I'll not go into, don't keep in touch at all.

My family has sent gifts for Baby. They have called and emailed to see how I am doing. In spite of the miles and some of them having their own health issues at the moment, they check in on me and Baby. The S.O.'s family has barely acknowledged our -- let alone Baby's -- existence. It's a sad state of affairs.

On the plus side, we have many wonderful friends close by who have offered help and advice, showered us with gifts, fixed us dinner and let it be known that Baby will have plenty of "aunties," "uncles" and "cousins" here in town.

Your humble blogger and her family--many, many years ago
I will do everything I can to make sure Baby knows his real aunts, uncles, cousins and grandpa back east, whether over Skype or through pictures (I have already created a family photo album for him) or actual in-person visits.

Still, it's nice to know we have people near us who will gladly step in to be Baby's family by proxy.

As he grows, I want Baby to learn that sometimes blood isn't necessarily thicker than water, and family -- like home -- is where the heart is.

*Family - a. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not; b. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for

Friday, March 25, 2011


Based mostly on hope and little else, I'm going to predict that I have Baby on April 15. The only real logic in this is that I can't believe I will actually make it all the way to my official due date of April 28.

Anybody else want to make a prediction? There's no money involved and you don't get a prize. But if you're right you get to brag about being right.

*Predict - to foretell the future

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am not naive. I know that once Baby is born, there will be plenty of sleepless nights, plenty of 2 a.m. feedings, plenty of crying and whining and fussiness (and not all of it -- or even most of it -- from Baby).

I know all that, but try convincing me of it at 2 a.m. when my hips hurt from the extra weight, my unborn child is kicking me for all he's worth, I can't get comfortable and the S.O. is snoring away like a band saw.

Is this sleeplessness just preparation for when the baby comes or is it just another symptom of my never-ending worry?

I am so grateful that I don't have a full-time job I have to get to every morning. I don't think they'd be getting much productivity out of me at the moment.

*Insomnia - inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or stayingasleep; sleeplessness

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I hope this isn't us.
I suppose it could be though if we don't change some of our habits.

*Portend - to indicate in advance; to foreshadow or presage, as an omen does

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 35: Five

I can't believe I'm so close to having the little alien out here in the real world with me. We're pretty much set as far as having the necessary items to keep him safe, clothed and fed. But I'm still not sure I'm ready for this. The actual birthing process doesn't scare me nearly as much as all the what ifs yet to come.
  • What if I can't deal with the crying?
  • What if I can't breastfeed?
  • What if he has colic?
  • What if I drop him?
  • What if he gets bullied in middle school?
  • What if he's the bully?
  • What if he gets some girl pregnant when he's 16?
  • What if we can't afford college?
(Yes, I get a little ahead of myself sometimes.)

Regardless of all that, I have five (or fewer) weeks to figure out at least some of it. And my e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy tells me:
At more than five pounds and between sixteen and twenty inches, your baby is becoming more ready for birth with every passing hour. She's the size of a small roasting chicken [again with the food comparisons]. Her nervous system and immune system are still maturing, and she's adding the fat that she'll need to regulate her body temperature. But, everything else, from her toenails to the hair on her head, is fully formed. If she were born now, she'd have more than a ninety-nine percent chance of surviving.

A 99 percent chance of surviving is pretty good. They obviously don't take into consideration the possibility of me dropping him.

As for myself, eight hours of sleep is a distant memory. If I'm not getting up every two hours to pee, I'm waking up to change positions because my hips are aching or my hands have fallen asleep or Baby is doing acrobatics. I am now convinced that lack of sleep now -- while seemingly unfair -- is preparing me for getting up every two hours to feed Baby once he's born.

At least then he won't be kicking me in the ribs or jumping on my bladder while I'm trying to get some sleep.

*Five - a cardinal number, four plus one; the number of weeks left in my pregnancy

Monday, March 21, 2011


My friends threw the S.O. and me a baby shower this weekend. They made us feel special and loved and extremely spoiled. They showered us with gifts from practical to fun, items from our baby registry and lovely handmade items.

My friend Heather made an incredible cake that -- despite her protestations -- looked like it was created by a professional. In fact, it was better than many professionally made cakes I've seen.

This photograph doesn't begin to do it justice.

We even had one friend drive several hours just to spend the afternoon with us.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own little world, thinking of what's happening inside me and what's going to be happening, that I forget how much this little alien, along with the S.O. and I mean to a lot of other people.

I am so grateful to the friends who hosted the shower and the friends that attended.

*Gratitude - the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Sunday, March 20, 2011


My aunt and cousin sent a cradle for Baby so he can sleep in our room with us when he first comes home. I'm quite proud of the fact that I assembled the cradle all -- well mostly -- by myself. (The S.O. had to hold two pieces together for me while I attached them.

It's a beautiful cradle, too. The S.O. wondered what we would do with it once Baby's outgrown it -- which happens at 15 pounds. I'm envisioning it holding baby blankets and overflowing with stuffed animals.

And is it too early to imagine my grandchild sleeping in it someday? Yeah. It's too early for that.

*Accomplishment - anything accomplished; deed; achievement

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I received a box of gifts today from my beautiful niece. This was the first thing I pulled out:

The box also contained receiving blankets, a sleep sack, more bibs, jammies and a copy of "The Poky Little Puppy." So sweet.

I am touched by the attention my family is giving me. We may be separated by many -- too many -- miles, but I know they hold me close to their hearts. And I hold them close to my heart. I hope they know that.

*Apropos - fitting

Friday, March 18, 2011


I had trouble sleeping the other night (no surprise there). It was 3 a.m., and my hips hurt, and my brain wouldn't turn off, and Baby was wide awake too -- kicking me in the ribs. I pulled out my phone and queued up Pandora to listen to some soothing music. After a little while, the earbud was uncomfortable in my left ear so I took it out and let it fall against my belly. Baby went still. I didn't realize he could hear the music through that tiny earbud, but the nurse assures me he can.

Because I don't have an actual subscription to Pandora (yet), we get ads. Just as I was starting to drift off, on comes a spoken ad for Living Social: "Hey Pandora Listener ..." Baby went nuts. He started kicking and throwing a little alien tantrum. Once the music started up again, he settled down. It was quite cute. Of course, it would have been cuter if it wasn't 3:30 in the morning and Mommy hadn't been exhausted.

Now I'm thinking it might be worth the $36 a year to subscribe to Pandora and avoid the interrupting ads. Baby seems to enjoy the Acoustic New Age station and will probably enjoy it here in the outside world. But he sure does not like his music interrupted by talking.

*Melodious - producing melody;  sweet-sounding; musical

Thursday, March 17, 2011


While the S.O. is half Korean, he also has Native American blood and English blood coursing through his veins. My lineage is mostly English, with some French and a decent helping of Irish. My maternal great-grandpa was born in County Kildare, Ireland (according to family and information I can find at

Our baby will be quite the little mutt. And I say that with all the love in the world for mutts.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

*Ancestry - family or ancestral descent; lineage

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Grandpa ordered a crib for Baby from Babies'R'Us and had it sent to us .

Even though the woman at the store told him we weren't on the registry, we ended up with the exact crib we wanted. And when I checked the registry, it showed as "purchased." Dad mentioned that the salesperson was pregnant, so baby brain must have been doing a number on her.

Regardless, the crib is lovely. And the best part is it converts to a toddler bed, a day bed and a full bed, so it can grow as Baby grows.

And don't worry. We won't make baby sleep in it as is. We'll have the mattress soon.

*Slumber - to sleep

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 34: Brains*

My NST went well this morning. Baby's heart rate looked good, never dipping below 140 and rising when he would wiggle around. The only downside was the test only lasted about 20 minutes, and the chair was super comfy; I wouldn't have minded spending another hour or so there.

My e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy this week tells me that Baby weighs five pounds or more and will continue to gain about two or more pounds in the next six weeks. It also tells me that Baby may be prepping for Harvard right now:
Now that your baby's brain has formed billions of neurons, it must accomplish the even more complex feat of hooking the neurons and synapses together. Your baby's brain is forming trillions of connections, making it possible for her to learn in the womb. All of this brain development may be the reason that your baby sleeps frequently at this stage. She may even be dreaming—her eyes dart around rapidly just as an adult's might in REM sleep.
(I may have read into that a little.)

They go on to tell me it's time to have our car seat purchased (oops!), diapers (not yet), some outfits (yep, thanks to Heather!) and a place for baby to sleep (yep, and more on that later).

With a shower coming soon, we will have lots more for Baby and I will feel closer to being ready. Although, I have to admit I do feel like it's a lot easier to care for Baby where he's living at the moment than it will be later. Still, I am looking forward to meeting him in person (just not for a few more weeks).

*Brain - the part of the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium of humans and other vertebrates, consisting of a soft, convoluted mass of gray and white matter and serving to control and coordinate the mental and physical actions; zombie food

Monday, March 14, 2011


Tomorrow, I head to the doctor for an NST. Having a baby-addled brain, it didn't occur to me to ask exactly what an NST is. When the doctor told me to schedule it, I just kind of assumed it had to do with growth and was just something I needed to have. I have since looked up what an NST is.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, an NST is a Fetal Non-Stress Test. It's "a simple, non-invasive test performed in pregnancies over 28 weeks gestation. The test is named 'non-stress' because no stress is placed on the fetus during the test."
The test involves attaching one belt to the mother’s abdomen to measure fetal heart rate and another belt to measure contractions. Movement, heart rate and “reactivity” of heart rate to movement is measured for 20-30 minutes. If the baby does not move, it does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem; the baby could just be asleep. A nurse may use a small “buzzer” to wake the baby for the remainder of the test.
The test is performed if
  • You sense that the baby is not moving as frequently as usual
  • You are overdue
  • There is any reason to suspect that the placenta is not functioning adequately
  • You are high risk for any other reason
I fall into that last category because of my advanced maternal age. Baby has been moving plenty. Sometimes my belly looks like waves of the ocean rolling along. And he's given me some really strong kicks to the ribs on several occasions. But nothing's quite compares to how weird it feels when he gets the hiccups. It's a bit like a muscle spasm but not exactly. Although hiccups are a little more steady as opposed to the karate kick to the ribs that can take my breath away and make me sit up straight. Maybe that's his strategy -- trying to improve Mommy's posture.

*OK, technically, this is an acronym rather than a word, but whatever.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


There are days when I think the marsupials have this whole birth thing right. Have a bumblebee-sized baby that you just have to carry in a pouch for eight months before he hops out on his own. Yep. I could go for that.

*Marsupial -- a mammal characterized by giving birth to relatively undeveloped young

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I saw the doctor yesterday. She weighed me, measured me, listened to Baby's heartbeat, and we talked about the ultrasound results. She told me right now Baby is in the 59th percentile. So, he's about average size. If he continues on this way, he'll be about 7-pounds-9-ounces at birth. Not bad. That doesn't sound huge, nor does it sound tiny.

I like the idea of average when it comes to my baby. I certainly don't want to make the news because my baby is humongous. But I don't want him to be so tiny that he has health problems either. So that 59th percentile sounded pretty good to me.

*Percentile - a value on a scale of one hundred that indicates the percent of a distribution that is equal to or below it

Friday, March 11, 2011


My good friend Kate made curtains for Baby's room. Take a look:
We ended up having to choose a different fabric from what we originally chose. But they still turned out great. And look at the finials we found at Pottery Barn Kids:
Kate says making these curtains is not that difficult, but I am totally impressed. Maybe I don't have the patience for measuring, cutting and sewing. Maybe she just has an inherent talent. Either way, I am so grateful she took the time to make these for us and for Baby. They're amazing.

You can't tell from the pictures, but the curtains have blackout fabric on back to make it nice and dark for daytime naps.

Thanks, Kate!

*Dazzle - to impress deeply; astonish with delight

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday, the S.O. and I visited the hospital where Baby will be delivered. We had our pre-admission appointment, filling out forms and answering questions about our backgrounds and medical history. We even got an estimate on what it will cost (as long as there are no complications) to deliver Baby. The S.O. was pleasantly surprised at the number. Of course, if I decide I really want some drugs or if they need to call in any addition docs, the cost goes up. But we're not going to think about that for now.

The nurse and the other ladies we spoke to in the pre-admission office were extremely nice, sharing pictures of grandbabies and joking with us. They were very professional but also put us both very much at ease.

So, we are now pre-admitted to the hospital and know what's supposed to happen when it comes time for Baby to join us here in the outside world. And, they gave us the cutest little board book. They gave us the choice of several books (all in this series) so we picked the one with the Asian baby.

Although the baby on this book cover is undeniably adorable, I'm sure our baby will be way, way, way cuter.

*Pre-admission - occurring in or relating to the period prior to admission (as to a hospital)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 33: Obvious*

This week's e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy states the obvious:
By now your sleep is likely compromised, big-time: You probably need to go to the bathroom several times a night and you're also having trouble sleeping because there isn't a comfortable position that works.
I like the "by now" part, as if I haven't had trouble sleeping for the past seven months. But maybe not everyone is like me. Maybe not every pregnant woman lays awake during the first trimester worrying about what could go wrong early on. And maybe not every pregnant woman lays awake during the second trimester worrying what could go wrong then. And maybe not every pregnant woman has trouble getting comfortable because all she wants to do is be able to sleep on her stomach again.

As for Baby, they tell me he's about 4 1/2 pounds (which is likely true, based on my last ultrasound) and about 11 1/2 inches long. But no more comparisons to food.

They also tell me he's moving into position to be born:
Your baby has probably moved to the head-down position and may descend into your pelvis at any time in the next six weeks and begin to press into your cervix. This position not only prepares her for birth but allows blood to flow to her developing brain.
Baby was head down when we saw him during our ultrasound, and according to our birth-class instructor, they usually stay in that position once they're there. However, I've had more than one person tell me that their baby flipped back to breech shortly before birth, so nothing's certain. Obviously.

*Obvious - easily seen, recognized, or understood

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's a dreary morning. The roads are slick with black ice, but the trees and bushes look lovely in their frosting. I am indulging in guilty pleasures: hot cocoa and "Drop Dead Diva" on Netflix Instant. It's a wonderfully cheesy program that makes me feel girly.

Blame it on the weather. Blame it on being seven months pregnant. Blame it on Tuesday.

It doesn't matter, I'm allowed.

*Indulgence - the act or practice of indulging;  gratification of desire

Monday, March 7, 2011


Remember this?
That was the very first picture I shared of the baby bump, way back in late October. I thought I was really started to show. That sure seems silly now, especially when you look at the picture of the BUMP today.
Holy moly!

*Bump - a swelling

Sunday, March 6, 2011


In addition to my nutrition class this weekend, I attended a meditation class. Although I've never been one for meditation (My mind does not seem to want to shut off. Ever.) I felt like I really got something out of the class. If nothing else, I got an hour of quiet time. I came out of the class feeling calm and feeling pretty good about life in general.

From my class, I headed over to the fitness expo. Mostly, vendors were selling workout clothes and fitness DVDs and CDs. But one booth stood out. A business called Canvas. She just recently opened so there's not a whole lot to her site, but I still want to give her a shout out.

Among the things she was selling were recycled paper beads. Here are the bracelets I bought.
Handmade by women in Uganda, the beads can be a means to creating a better life. Bead For Life works to empower women in Uganda by giving them opportunities to become economically self-sufficient through the sale of bead jewelry and other products.

Outreach Uganda is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado and dedicated to helping empower poor people in Uganda.

Both companies sell beads online.

Maybe it was my relaxed state. Maybe it's that I was feeling especially lucky today, but I felt the need to by these bracelets and do a (very) small part to help empower women who don't have it as good as I do. Whatever the reason, it gave me a little sense of empowerment, too.

You can see how these beads are made by clicking here.

*Empower - to give power or authority to

Saturday, March 5, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday, I attended a conference to earn a certificate in sports nutrition. After a day full of lectures, I took my test. I won't know for sure for a little while but I'm pretty confident I passed.

An interesting statistic from today's class: People born between 2000 and 2003 have a 25 percent chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes. It really made me think about how we'll feed our child. I don't want to be super strict about his diet, but I want him to be healthy and live a long life. We will try to feed him wholesome foods while allowing him to also have some treats that may not be the healthiest thing (cookies, candy, etc.).

The key (and this should be a no-brainer) is moderation. I'm not going to preach about nutrition here. I just want to say how sad it is that so many children struggle with obesity today. Were our parents (or parents of previous generations) really more conscientious about our diets? Are we that lazy? Or has it been a downward spiral?

*Nutrition - the science or study of, or a course of study in, nutrition, especially of humans.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Everyone keeps telling me how tiny I am. I don't feel tiny. I feel huge. I am attending a fitness conference this weekend and planning to get my sports nutrition consultant certification (more on that later), and even the super fit folks there are telling me I don't look like I'm going to have a baby in two months. It's nice to hear that I look good.

But part of me thinks everyone is just being nice. Because I feel big enough to have my own zip code.

*Rotund - round in shape; rounded; plump; fat.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I received this in the mail a couple days ago. It's from my Most-Amazing Sister-in-Law. I adore it. And I adore her. (She has a pretty amazing husband and son, and I adore them, too.)

*Adore -- to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor; to like or admire very much

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Baby's official due date is four days after Easter, but I just had to have this for him. Besides chances are he'll be here a little before Easter. In which case, he will need this.

*Irresistible - enticing; tempting to possess

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 32: Ossification*

I now officially have two months left in this pregnancy. And while, my email newsletter from Fit Pregnancy says it may be starting to lose some of its glow, I'm going to disagree. I'm pretty sure Baby is practicing his bicycle kicks and may even be throwing a party in there, I'm still enamored by the process. Sure I'm having trouble sleeping but no more than I've had for the past six months. (Plus, if I'm being completely honest, I'm not totally ready to be a mom with a real-live baby out here.)

After attending our childbirth class, we have a partially packed bag ready to go for labor. Even if I'm not completely ready, Baby is getting close.

Your baby weighs about 4 pounds and is about fifteen to seventeen inches tall. Photographs of babies in utero at this stage show their skin becoming less translucent and pinker, as layers of fat are deposited under the skin. Her skeleton is rapidly ossifying (turning from cartilage into solid bone), which means that kicks will become visible through your shirt as the trimester progresses.

I was going to post of video of my tummy while Baby kicks and squirms, but as I've mentioned before, he doesn't like to perform on demand and stayed perfectly still while the camera was on him.

 *ossification - the formation of or conversion into bone

By the way, I am going to try to participate in NaBloPoMo for March and the theme is "In a Word." Let's see how that goes, shall we.