Sunday, March 6, 2011


In addition to my nutrition class this weekend, I attended a meditation class. Although I've never been one for meditation (My mind does not seem to want to shut off. Ever.) I felt like I really got something out of the class. If nothing else, I got an hour of quiet time. I came out of the class feeling calm and feeling pretty good about life in general.

From my class, I headed over to the fitness expo. Mostly, vendors were selling workout clothes and fitness DVDs and CDs. But one booth stood out. A business called Canvas. She just recently opened so there's not a whole lot to her site, but I still want to give her a shout out.

Among the things she was selling were recycled paper beads. Here are the bracelets I bought.
Handmade by women in Uganda, the beads can be a means to creating a better life. Bead For Life works to empower women in Uganda by giving them opportunities to become economically self-sufficient through the sale of bead jewelry and other products.

Outreach Uganda is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado and dedicated to helping empower poor people in Uganda.

Both companies sell beads online.

Maybe it was my relaxed state. Maybe it's that I was feeling especially lucky today, but I felt the need to by these bracelets and do a (very) small part to help empower women who don't have it as good as I do. Whatever the reason, it gave me a little sense of empowerment, too.

You can see how these beads are made by clicking here.

*Empower - to give power or authority to


  1. I love those beads. Several years ago I read about Bead for Life in the Oprah magazine and ended up buying chokers for myself and all three daughters. They're pretty cool (the chokers, not my daughters ... well, my daughters are cool, too).

  2. I knew I had heard about these beads before! My baby-addled brain just didn't remember it was from you. :)