Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I spoke with my aunt over the weekend. She's my mom's youngest sister and was always our "cool" aunt, the aunt that would play games with us and take us places and generally spoil us. She never had kids of her own, but that never stopped her from being like a surrogate mom to her nieces and nephews (and now, their kids).
Your blogger on her baptism day with her Aunt D
She lives eight hours away but had made plans to attend our baby shower. Unfortunately, like so many people this time of year, she was done in by bronchitis and didn't make it. She told me she was worried about me, even though she was told it was not contagious. She sounded awful even a week later, so I'm glad she didn't wear herself out making the drive here. Still, I was touched by her intentions. Not only did she send a cradle for Baby, she was planning to come see me and bring me a rocking chair. (Did I mention she was always our cool aunt?)
Aunt D, me and my brother in Missouri -- many years ago
I told her she needs to come and see Baby after he has officially joined the family. I have plenty of pictures of the bump I can share with her.

It's probably a good thing she didn't make it to the shower. I would have been so surprised I might have gone into labor right there.

*Touched - moved; stirred

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  1. What a sweet aunt. I nor my kids had such an aunt in their lives. I hope Bubby will.