Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Grandpa ordered a crib for Baby from Babies'R'Us and had it sent to us .

Even though the woman at the store told him we weren't on the registry, we ended up with the exact crib we wanted. And when I checked the registry, it showed as "purchased." Dad mentioned that the salesperson was pregnant, so baby brain must have been doing a number on her.

Regardless, the crib is lovely. And the best part is it converts to a toddler bed, a day bed and a full bed, so it can grow as Baby grows.

And don't worry. We won't make baby sleep in it as is. We'll have the mattress soon.

*Slumber - to sleep


  1. I think it's lovely. Kind of a death trap at the moment, of course. :P

  2. More of a torture chamber, actually. :0)

  3. Very nice and I love the conversion to the toddler bed. That makes it so much easier than having to go buy a new bed.

  4. Very pretty. You know, if you leave the mattress off, that'll toughen him up nicely.

  5. Beautiful bed! What a nice gift from Grandpa!