Sunday, March 27, 2011


I came across this story this week: Breastfeeding Women Viewed as Less Competent. Less competent at what? you might ask. Apparently, according to this study, almost everything.

As someone who plans to breastfeed her baby, I'm shocked. So, the studies tell me my baby will be smarter if I breastfeed him but I'll appear dumber. Is there no way for a mom to win?
“A woman may not breastfeed because of worry over how she will be evaluated by other people,” the researchers conclude. “Data from the current project suggest this worry may be warranted, to the extent that breastfeeding is a devalued social category.”
I shouldn't be surprised by how judgmental we all are -- to ourselves, to each other. But it's sad that babies may not get what's nutritionally best for them not because moms have health issues or because the babies can't latch on, but simply because women are afraid -- with just cause -- of how they'll be viewed.

*Incompetent - not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable

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