Monday, March 28, 2011


I have a Honda Element. It's been an extremely practical car, with its adjustable -- and removable -- rear seats, its easy clean floor, its spacious interior. We bought it a few years ago with kids in mind and when we've hauled around my nieces and nephews or other kids, it's been great.

I had some concerns about the clam-shell doors in crowded parking lots but haven't had a problem ... yet.

Yesterday, we went to install Baby's car seat in my Element. It fits just fine. But take a look at this photo again -- click here -- and check out where the back seat starts. (I'll wait.) The back seat is behind the door opening. That's great for bigger kids and awesome for adults -- look at all that leg room! Now imagine trying to get a squirmy infant into a rear-facing car seat. Ack! There's no room at all!

So, we're left to decide between me being constantly frustrated with my car, using the S.O.'s vehicle (which is older and doesn't have stability control or side-curtain air bags), purchasing a different car seat -- either a really expensive one that swivels or an infant car seat that comes off the base and would need to be replace when Baby reaches its weight limit -- or trading in my Element for a vehicle with normal back doors and back seats. The last one seemed the most appealing yesterday when I just threw up my hands and walked away. However, my Element is so close to being paid off, that option seems silly (and is, obviously, the most expensive one).

I was pretty excited about the car seat we bought because it converts from a rear-facing infant seat (that holds 5-35 pound child) all the way up to a booster seat that will hold a kid up to 100 pounds. And we used our rewards from Costco so we paid next to nothing for it.

I know the infant seats are convenient -- especially when the little one falls asleep in the car -- but I was hoping to avoid buying more than one seat. And while the idea of a new car is always appealing, we really are trying to save money. Baby will need to go to a good college to support his mommy and daddy someday.

At this point, I will probably let (make) the S.O. decide what we should do, and I will concentrate on these final few weeks of growing Baby. Although, dear readers, your advice is also welcome.

*Frustrated - disappointed; thwarted


  1. We used and Infant seat with a base until Wyatt was too big and then switched him to a regular car seat that was still rear facing. When bebe is still too small to sit up in a cart it was convenient to have the baby carrier, unless you plan on using the baby back pack things.

  2. I have no advice as I'm old and don't know diddly about car seats ... or new cars. But I totally empathize with your frustration! Good luck with the decision. Or, good luck to the S.O. with the decision. And good luck to you in the final weeks (days?) of growing a healthy baby to put in that new car seat, wherever and whatever it may be.

  3. I have a baby carrier (it converts from front carry to backpack, and I'm very excited about it), but may just go ahead and get a second car seat. We're thinking we'll get an infant car seat for the Element and put the convertible seat in the S.O.'s vehicle. I received a gift certificate yesterday that will just about cover the cost of a second seat.

  4. On the plus side, all that leg room means there's room for you to climb in and sit on the seat next to where you have the rear-facing car seat - maybe it'll be easier to strap the baby in from inside the car ...