Sunday, December 30, 2012

Daddy Talk: New Year

New Year and new things. Everyday I look forward to waking up and seeing what that kid does. He jumps by leaps and bounds, sometimes it's nothing, sometimes so much. It's funny how I don't notice things unless I look back on pictures and try to remember that this little guy was once so little and wasn't as accomplished as he is today. I look back on pictures from last Christmas and see how much he changed over this last year and I'm astonished. Everyday he changes and I lose track of how different he is from day to day.

It's exciting to see the changes, mostly I look forward to what happens to us next. I really look forward to the new things he will do. It's exciting, especially when I think about how it's new for him just like it's new to me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daddy Talk: My Son

After what happened Friday in Connecticut, I haven't really had much of anything else running through my mind. I look at my son and still can't imagine something like that happening to our little family.  It's brought up so many feelings, emotions and thoughts that I don't know if I will ever square them with what happened. I'm glad that I don't have to explain this to Milo right now. If he was old enough to ask questions about this, what is a reasonable response?

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20 months

Dear Milo,

Another month has passed -- another month closer to your second birthday. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And you are so much fun. You think you can read and count already, saying "I, o, i, o" or "Nine, nine, nine" when you see letters or numbers. It's quite cute and makes me feel proud, even if you're not actually reading or counting. Your vocabulary seems to expand daily, and you often say things we didn't know you knew. The other day you said, "Penguin" -- to our surprise.

We spent Thanksgiving with your Great-Aunt Dianna. We took you to the zoo there on a breezy day. You enjoyed it but didn't want us to carry you, despite the rough ground and your lack of coordination that day. Some days you seem so sure-footed while other days you seem to fall over for no reason at all. That day at the zoo, you were Mr. Clumsy but acted like you thought you were a little mountain goat. You have more will than skill some days and that can make me really nervous. I do not want to make another trip to the ER.

We also went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here at home for a stroller safari -- a behind-the-scenes adventure. We got up close and personal with the resident moose. We even got to feed him crackers. You were a little timid about the moose's mouth, and I can't blame you.

Look at that nose!
We're fast approaching your second Christmas. We took you to cut a tree. You were fascinated by the alpacas at the tree farm and wanted to play in the dirt. The trees, however, didn't really keep your attention. You tried to help Daddy hang lights, and the hand-made ornaments from your grandma drew your attention.

I feel like I have to mention the shooting in a Connecticut elementary school that happened earlier this week. A man walked into a school and killed many people. It was a senseless act perpetrated by a sick individual. I don't want to dwell on it, but I mention it because it makes me want to hold you close and never let you go. It also makes me realize that no matter what I do and how much I want to protect you, I can't always be there. I hope that nothing like this ever happens to us -- or that you ever have to be a witness to such evil. But that's all I can really do -- wish and hope for the best for you. Always.

I love you, little man. You make every day better.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daddy Talk: Getting Beat Up

For the first time as an adult I tried to pick a fight. The guy threw his lip balm and hit me in the head while I was watching a movie, I calmly went to the parking lot of the movie theater to return it to him. Nothing happened and I'm glad it didn't, I guess. I probably would have gotten stabbed or something by his fat girlfriend.

So how do I spin that for the boy? Maybe that some people do deserve to get punched in the face when their fat girlfriends aren't around. That sounds almost sage like but not exactly the image I want to present to the boy. I think that he should not be afraid to confront somebody after he has been wronged especially when they are only willing to do so when your back is turned.

(For the record, we do plan to tell the boy he shouldn't start fights but we want him to defend himself if the situation arises. --Pam)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Daddy Talk: Pooping in the tub

Sometimes the easiest path is not the best path. The boy pooped in the tub while we were washing him after a messy lunch. The boy did what he normally does, except sans diaper. And it's not like we could do anything about it. Pam tried sitting him down on his potty because she could tell he was trying to go, but he was having nothing to do with it. I assume at some point it will occur. I would have really like to have a kid like Manny (from "Modern Family") who self potty trained. But that boy is fictional, and Milo is only 19 months old, I should expect a little poop in the tub -- especially if you undress him when he hasn't pooped yet.

In a way, I suppose I understand what he's doing and why he's doing it. It is what he knows. I think I poop in my own tub on a lot of occasions, so to speak. I have a tendency of picking the easier option rather than the path that offers some difficulty. I don't do a whole lot of risk/reward analysis. If it's hard, I avoid it. That seems to dictate a lot of where my life leads. I pay a lot of lip service to hard work, but it in the end I don't want to put the effort in. I thought that by this point in my life it would be easier to put the effort in. HaHa, get it?

Anyway I worry that I won't be able to instill a sense of hard work and dedication in Milo because I don't know how to do it. I was able to stick with school because somebody else was judging me. When I am by myself I can't motivate myself to keep things going.