Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 33: Obvious*

This week's e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy states the obvious:
By now your sleep is likely compromised, big-time: You probably need to go to the bathroom several times a night and you're also having trouble sleeping because there isn't a comfortable position that works.
I like the "by now" part, as if I haven't had trouble sleeping for the past seven months. But maybe not everyone is like me. Maybe not every pregnant woman lays awake during the first trimester worrying about what could go wrong early on. And maybe not every pregnant woman lays awake during the second trimester worrying what could go wrong then. And maybe not every pregnant woman has trouble getting comfortable because all she wants to do is be able to sleep on her stomach again.

As for Baby, they tell me he's about 4 1/2 pounds (which is likely true, based on my last ultrasound) and about 11 1/2 inches long. But no more comparisons to food.

They also tell me he's moving into position to be born:
Your baby has probably moved to the head-down position and may descend into your pelvis at any time in the next six weeks and begin to press into your cervix. This position not only prepares her for birth but allows blood to flow to her developing brain.
Baby was head down when we saw him during our ultrasound, and according to our birth-class instructor, they usually stay in that position once they're there. However, I've had more than one person tell me that their baby flipped back to breech shortly before birth, so nothing's certain. Obviously.

*Obvious - easily seen, recognized, or understood

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