Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday, the S.O. and I visited the hospital where Baby will be delivered. We had our pre-admission appointment, filling out forms and answering questions about our backgrounds and medical history. We even got an estimate on what it will cost (as long as there are no complications) to deliver Baby. The S.O. was pleasantly surprised at the number. Of course, if I decide I really want some drugs or if they need to call in any addition docs, the cost goes up. But we're not going to think about that for now.

The nurse and the other ladies we spoke to in the pre-admission office were extremely nice, sharing pictures of grandbabies and joking with us. They were very professional but also put us both very much at ease.

So, we are now pre-admitted to the hospital and know what's supposed to happen when it comes time for Baby to join us here in the outside world. And, they gave us the cutest little board book. They gave us the choice of several books (all in this series) so we picked the one with the Asian baby.

Although the baby on this book cover is undeniably adorable, I'm sure our baby will be way, way, way cuter.

*Pre-admission - occurring in or relating to the period prior to admission (as to a hospital)


  1. Hopefully having such a great, informative pre-admission experience will easy your worries. Well, if that's possible Ms. Worrywart. :)

    I'm glad you're feeling so comfortable. It makes it easier to get excited!

  2. Nothing left to do now but have the little bugger, wouldn't you say? Well, when it's time, of course.

    Yes, I'm sure your baby will be WAY cuter! :o)