Monday, February 28, 2011


The S.O. and I spent most of our weekend at a prepared childbirth class. We opted for the two-day weekend express to get it done, rather than spread it out over four weeks and risk missing one (something always comes up, doesn't it?).

It was very informative. We've done a lot of reading but nothing quite compares with seeing where you will give birth and watching the video of a baby entering the world. Here's how I know I'm ready for this: When they showed a video of a baby crowning, then being delivered and placed on Mom's belly, I got choked up and tears came to my eyes. That same image a year ago would have elicited an "ugh," and I probably would have watched the scene through my fingers -- if at all.

Instead, I was fascinated, touched -- and a bit jealous. She was done! She had her baby and now gets to move on to the actual parenting part. The only part that didn't make me feel all motherly was when, as the baby's head emerged, Mom asked, "Does it look like a baby?" All I could think was, "No. It looks like my grandpa."

But when they gave us a tour of the birth center and stopped by the nursery (where there were just two babies because the hospital has a "room-in" policy) I oohed and aahed with everyone else -- and almost got choked up again. (Damn these pregnancy hormones!)

It was nice to see where we'll deliver our baby and where we'll get to hang out after he's born. In addition to the tour and videos, we got to practice some breathing and relaxation techniques. It has suddenly dawned on the S.O. that labor and delivery isn't going to be a walk in the park for either one of us. I think he really believed he'd get to just sit and play Angry Birds while I did all the work. Instead he'll be helping me focus, rubbing my back, holding me up when I need it and being available to my every beck and call and crazy laboring momma whim.

We still have a long way to go and plenty of things to buy before we're really ready for Baby, but the class definitely made us feel better informed and more emotionally ready. As a bonus, I think it brought us closer to each other -- we really are in this together.

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