Monday, February 21, 2011

Most-Awesome Friend

Yesterday, my good (and extremely talented) friend, known here on the Internet as Jackadillo Princess, brought me two huge boxes of baby clothes. The clothes range from newborn to 12 months. Look at these boxes:
They are also damn cute. Here's a sample:
Football footies!
Polka dots!
Paw print on the butt!
I had three older brothers, so I grew up with hand-me-downs from my closest girl cousin. Sometimes it was great. Sometimes not so much. As a parent, I definitely see the appeal -- and practicality -- of hand-me-downs. It's especially great when I'm really the only one who cares what he wears. I'm pretty sure Baby would be happy -- and totally cute -- naked. But getting these clothes sure makes me feel like I'm that much closer to being ready (or closer to as ready as I'll ever be).

Thank you, Most-Awesome Friend!


  1. Such a gracious and giving friend! How exciting for you to be THAT much closer! :o)

  2. You're welcome! And you know what's funny? I don't even recognize the clothes in the second and third picture. :) Told you Robbie didn't wear a bunch of them.