Monday, November 29, 2010

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Today is not a good day. I don't feel good. Everything aches. Everything. My neck and head hurt. My shoulders and back feel stiff. I'm hungry and I just ate. Yesterday wasn't much better. I was bored but didn't have the energy or motivation to do much, and my emotions were kind of all over the place. The S.O. doesn't really get the whole pregnancy mood swing thing and forgets to be a little more sensitive.

Then this morning, on Facebook, my cousin mentioned how my mom used to send his kids Christmas ornaments each year around this time. Which made me feel kind of like a jerk for forgetting that lots of other people miss Mom.

Yes, I know it's the pregnancy. And, yes, I know it will pass. But ugh. I really don't like the aches and the big ol' pity party I feel like having right this minute.


  1. Sometimes pity parties are warranted. It's your party and you can cry if you want to.

    The sun will come out tomorrow ...

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I'm going to blame the cold weather and plan to feel better tomorrow when it's warmer -- and the sun's out. :)

  3. :-) Hang in there we all have those days even when we aren't pregnant.