Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Aloha Babymoon, part 2

We woke to cloudy skies on our first full day in Kauai. But it was still warm and beautiful, so after a breakfast out on our porch, we loaded up the car and headed up the east coast of the island to the north shore.

Our first stop was the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge and the Kilauea Point Lighthouse.We spent some time walking around, watching the birds, enjoying the view and listening to the sound of the surf. A little rain rolled in, but unlike here at home, the temperature didn't drop 20 degrees during the rain, so it was pleasant.

From there we continued up the coast, stopping at Haena Beach Park. We walked along the beach, taking pictures of the breaking waves and people watching. I found a piece of coral that was shaped exactly like a nose and being the grown-up I am, I had to make use of that perfectly shaped coral.

Before heading out, we crossed the road to check out a cave.

A little farther along, the road ends at Ke'e Beach. We hiked up to a scenic overlook. If we had brought more water, and if I weren't pregnant, we would have hiked the entire trail. As it was, the little Nubbin had something to say about me exerting myself, so we stopped to check out the view of the Na Pali coast from here, then headed back to the beach. The sun cooperated and came out for a while for us to enjoy.

We stopped for lunch in Hanalei and walked through some of the shops. In a toy and candy store, we tried some Li Hing Mui candy -- it's a salty dried plum that's quite sour and, honestly, kind of weird. Of course, the S.O. loved it and brought some home.

We picked up some local fruit -- papaya, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple and bananas -- and headed back to our condo. It was getting late, so I sat on the porch, writing in my notebook until it got too dark to see.

After our busy day, I was wiped out. We spent the rest of the evening in and went to bed early.


  1. Your selection of fruit has got my mouth watering, and I love the photos of the beach.

  2. @Art Mama, thanks for commenting! The fruit was wonderful. We just don't get fresh citrus like that in Colorado. Everything was so sweet. Now my mouth is watering.

  3. What a wonderful day! I love lighthouses. And I love the nose coral. Oh, and I love mermaidy Albert. I love all the fruits, too. I just love this whole post ... and love to think that one day I'll have a similar adventure (minus Nubbin, of course)!

  4. @Lisa, your comment made me laugh. Thanks!