Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Aloha Babymoon, part 6

We didn't plan much for this particular day. The S.O. was still kind of wiped out from his surfing experience the previous day (cue "Wipe Out" music). We checked the map and drove to see Wailua Falls. We'd thought there would be a bit of a hike to reach the falls, but there was an overlook at the side of the road. The falls were very pretty but didn't take up the time we thought they would.From the falls we drove southwest to the Kauai Coffee visitor's center. We took a walking tour of the area and sampled some coffee (decaf for me, thank you).
The coffee plantation was built on the site of an old sugar cane plantation. All the coffee they roast and sell is grown right there.After lunch and consulting the map again, we went to check out the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. We walked around the gardens a little while but decided to skip the actual tour. It was $20 per person for a self-guided walking tour, and at the risk of appearing really cheap, that seemed a bit pricey. We took some pictures of a little lizard and a huge spider.

We went back to Old Koloa Town because the S.O. decided I was right and he should have a Poipu Beach surf t-shirt. We also bought some lotion and shaving soap from the Island Soap and Candle Works, as well as some dog treats for Ripley. After sharing a shave ice (not "shaved" mind you -- it was "shave ice" everywhere we went) we headed back to the resort to watch the rain from our porch.

We had a nice dinner at a restaurant in a nearby hotel. For dessert, I had star fruit sorbet with coconut ginger biscotti. Yum.

Before bed we found a teeny tiny gecko in our room. Not wanting to wake to a gecko in bed with us, we caught him in a cup and put him out on the porch. (I don't think he was trying to sell us insurance. But he was really cute.)
We went to bed feeling a little sad that this day was our last full day in Hawaii.


  1. That's a really cute shot of you and the SO. We always forget to take photos of ourselves on vacation.

  2. We have lots of those self-portraits. Sometimes we ask someone to take our picture but usually we do it ourselves.