Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kickin' it

For some reason I didn't sleep well -- or much -- last night. I felt like I couldn't turn off my brain, even though the things going through my head weren't worrisome. So I don't think it was thoughts keeping me awake. I had trouble getting comfortable. My hips hurt and my nose kept running. It was probably the combination of all those keeping me awake.

I'm pretty sure Baby was awake with me, because as I lay there about 2:30 a.m., I felt a tiny little flutter in my lower abdomen. This was the first time I felt something that I'm pretty sure was Baby moving around. I would have written the flutter off as gas, but it happened twice more in exactly the same spot. And I've heard that first-time moms-to-be sometimes mistake baby's movements for gas.

I have to admit -- as much as I said I wasn't going to let things I read get to me -- that I was a little concerned over not feeling movement from Baby. So I was pretty happy to feel those little flutters, even if it was at 2:30 in the morning.

Does that mean Baby is going to be up at that time once he or she actually joins us out here in the real world? Should I start preparing for 2 a.m. feedings? Well, it seems I'm awake anyway.


  1. Yay for baby kicks!

    And yes, prepare for 2 a.m. feedings. And also midnight feedings, 4 a.m. feedings and waking up at 5:30. At least at first. :) Or maybe your baby will be really nice to you... it could happen.

  2. Should you prepare for 2 a.m. feedings? My opinion is yes, by sleeping through the night and as long as possible NOW! (When you can, of course.) :)