Friday, November 26, 2010

Nobody told me

Nobody told me there would be no room for food! Nausea in the first trimester? Sure, I knew about that. Heartburn in the third trimester? Yep, heard all about that one. But not having enough room to eat a normal meal during the second trimester? Come on, people! Nobody told me about that.

Sure, yesterday was all about overindulging, but I didn't. Not really, because as soon as my tummy started to get a little full, I felt stuffed -- more stuffed than the Thanksgiving bird! And it wasn't just yesterday's holiday meal. Earlier in the week, a sandwich filled my stomach beyond capacity. Even my normal breakfast of plain yogurt and granola feels like I ate too much. So eating for two is definitely out of the question.

Why didn't I know that shortly after getting my normal appetite back, I wouldn't be able to actually eat? Even looking through some of the books I've picked up, that seems to be something that happens later, when the bump gets much bigger.

It's not fair. Most people get to be miserable Thanksgiving day because they went back for seconds (or thirds) or drank too much beer. My tummy was overfull with just one normal-sized plate of food. Is Baby really taking up that much space all ready?

What else aren't people telling me?

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