Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 18: Lobster baby and hoping for help

Apparently, I fell off the Fit Pregnancy newsletter mailing list, because they didn't send me my weekly update this past Tuesday. With Thanksgiving preparations -- and my baby brain -- it didn't occur to me until now that I haven't posted anything about Week 18. And it's almost over!

After a little searching, I found the information they normally send me. (Do they really need to frustrate the pregnant lady?)

So, this week Baby is about the size of "a lobster tail" (OK, what the hell is up with these comparisons, Fit Pregnancy?) and "may be able to detect a glow if you shine bright lights at your belly."

As for my changing body, they're spot on when they tell me, "You may have aches and pains in your legs, tailbone, and other muscles."

But my favorite part of the week 18 information is this bit:
Now is a good time to talk to your partner about how your house will be managed once the baby comes. For the first few weeks, until you establish a new routine with your new baby, you'll be too occupied to cook meals, take care of pets, open the mail, pick up the phone, or do anything but breastfeed, soothe the baby, and sleep. We hope your partner is up to the challenge. If not, prepare to move your mother or another relative in for a time. Also consider hiring a postpartum doula or baby nurse to help out.
They "hope your partner is up to the challenge." I think I need to do more than hope, especially considering my mother can't move in with us, and I can't think of any other relative who could. And we certainly don't have the luxury of hiring someone.

I actually feel pretty confident about the S.O.'s abilities to deal with a little one. He spent quite a bit of time entertaining our friend's almost-2-year-old son on Thanksgiving while she finished preparations and I put my feet up. It was really endearing to watch him play with the little boy.

At least I know he'll be helpful in a couple years.

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