Friday, November 5, 2010

My Aloha Babymoon, part 4

It was raining when we woke up on this day. By the time we finished our breakfast and headed out for coffee, it had stopped, leaving everything clean and shiny. We went to see Opaeka'a Falls.Despite the early morning rain, the island hasn't seen a whole lot of precipitation lately, so the falls weren't nearly as impressive as we'd heard. It was still an extremely pretty view. We crossed the road to look down on the Wailua River.We spent some time walking through the shops in Old Kapa'a Town, then had a lunch of fish tacos. The sun came out while we were eating lunch, so we hurried back to the resort to change into our swimsuits and hit the beach. We spent the afternoon lounging in the sun. I took a nice long pregnant-lady nap to be ready for the luau that evening.

We went to the Smith Family Garden Luau. Yes, "Smith." But as our host explained, Smith was his great-grandfather. He came over from England, fell in love with a Hawaiian woman and married her. All of the staff and dancers were part of the family, and it really did feel like a family affair.

The evening starts with a tour of the gardens.
Next was the buffet-style dinner of pulled pork (cooked all day in a pit right there in the gardens), Teriyaki beef, fish and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. We even tried poi. Which isn't awful. It just looks like wallpaper paste and tastes like nothing.

After dinner, we move to the open-air theater for the dancing. The dancers performed traditional dances from Hawaii, Polynesia, Samoa, Japan, China, New Zealand and the Philippines. It was a lot of fun.
A review on Trip Advisor called the luau "cheezy" (yes, they spelled it with a z) and said the meal was "cafeteria food." I thought it was all very entertaining and the food was really tasty. I only have two criticisms of the evening.

First, the Mai Tais were watery (according to the S.O. I didn't have any for obvious reasons). However, that's a very small criticism, as there was a bar serving beer and wine (at no extra charge) so if you didn't like the watery Mai Tai, you had another option. Plus, there was punch and soda and plenty of ice water.

The second criticism is that they wanted $20 for a copy of the picture they took when we entered the gardens. Twenty dollars for a picture of my significant other and pregnant me, standing next two pretty, skinny girls in coconut bras? I don't think so.

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