Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ewww! Really?

As I've probably mentioned before, I think there's a lot of crazy crap out there about pregnancy, so I avoid reading too much. I try to look for specific things -- nutrition tips, exercise info, etc. Still, I picked up "The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy" and have enjoyed the straight-forward way things are presented in it.

Today, though, I open to the page entitled "Body Language: Common Pregnancy Peculiarities." Some of the "peculiarities" I've heard about. Others, not so much. "Just for fun," the book says, "check those that apply then flip to Chapter 6 to find out how to get rid of some of them, make others more tolerable, or at least find sympathy and the humor in them."

I'm not going to share the entire list here. You really don't want to know some of them. I have been lucky to not experience some of these -- especially the ickier ones. But I imagine the joy of pregnancy will bless me with many as the months pass.

I have experienced nausea, a change in my sense of balance, exhaustion, dizziness, forgetfulness, food aversions, frequent urination, hip aches, itching and a stuff nose. I have not experienced -- and hope not to -- bleeding gums,  spider veins, pregnancy mask, skin tags, darkening of my freckles or some of the other things they list that I'd be embarrassed to admit.

And please don't tell me I definitely will experience those things. Ignorance is bliss.

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