Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Funny

It's Sunday. And while I'm always fairly lazy, I'm especially lazy on the weekends. Still, I'm not about to give up on NaBloPoMo this late in the game.

So in lieu of an actual post, I'm linking to this: Regarding Advanced Maternal Age. It's funny and totally fits with the theme of my site.

Here's a sample:
Male doctors, especially, are behind the times on this relatively recent older-mom trend. If your OB/GYN used to be your mom’s pediatrician, smokes a cigar while performing your exam, or insists that pap smears are “nothing but hoodoo,” it’s time to find a new practitioner–one who’s a little more “with it.”
The entire Let's Panic site is pretty darn funny -- whether or not you're pregnant or a parent.

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