Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Books, advice and my doc

Early on in my pregnancy, I refused to read almost anything related to having a baby. I did pick up the book "You: Having a Baby," but I didn't look at any information that wasn't about the first trimester. I was so afraid of letting myself get excited, because what if ...

After 12 weeks, I became cautiously optimistic -- and those of you who know me well know that means I wasn't completely pessimistic -- and started reading a little more. Now, at nearly 19 weeks, I'm reading lots of stuff. After my last visit to the library, I came home with "Full of Life; Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant" by Nancy O'Dell (She was/is host of "Access Hollywood," so you know she's an "expert.") and "I'm Pregnant! A week-by-week guide from conception to birth" by Lesley Regan, MD.

"Full of Life" does have some helpful tips -- like make sure you take make up to the hospital for the post-birth photos (eye roll) -- but it also tells me I must sleep on my left side. Which my doctor and nurse both told me isn't strictly neccessary, and older moms have told me they never did it, were never told to do it, and their babies are now grown and having babies of their own.

At first I thought this book could be pretty helpful or at least insightful, but it mostly reiterates things I've already heard or read. And some things are definitely based on the author being a "celebrity." Buy pregnancy Spanx? Really? Did any of you moms feel the need to wear Spanx while pregnant?

As for "I'm Pregnant" I've only flipped through it, mostly looking at the amazing 3-D images of the fetus in the womb. Although I did read some of the birthing information to see if it would freak me out. Amazingly, it didn't. I plan to look at this book more thoroughly.

What I've found with some of these baby advice books -- especially the ones not written by doctors -- is that they act as if your doctor is trying to keep information from you. My nurse told me it's best to sleep on my side (either side) but not to get too worried if I wake up on my back.

The fact is my doctor -- and her nurses -- are pretty laid back about pregnancy, not to the point of apathy, but they aren't fear mongers, either. They present facts. They tell me what is recommended and why they think those recommendations are valuable -- or not. For instance, ever hear a pregnant woman shouldn't eat cold cuts? Did you know that advice was put in books years ago and isn't necessarily true of today? My doctor told me that some recommendations are based on outdated information, and as long as I'm getting my sandwich meat from a reliable source, it will be fine. (Thank goodness I can still eat Jimmy John's!)

So, when I read something that sounds a little iffy or when I read something that makes me go, "Holy crap! I've been/not been doing that!" I give my doctor's office a call or make a note to ask at my next appointment. Because one thing I've read over and over is that my stress and anxiety can effect Baby.

And we all know how relaxed and de-stressed I am.


  1. I'm glad you have a laid back doctor. There are way too many "facts" used to scare pregnant women into thinking they can't do anything or eat anything or blahblahblah because it might hurt the baby, when really as long as you're not an alcoholic or a heroin addict, your kid's probably going to be fine.


  2. Really Heather. The only thing my dr. suggested on the cold cuts is to microwave them for about 15-30 sec to kill any bacteria. I did stay away from any hotdogs that weren't kosher. Which was rather easy cuz I prefer brats anyway.

    On a side note Pam I have the newest edition of What to Expect when you're expecting if you want it you can have it. It came into the G and a free preview book when I was pregnant and I had already bought the previous edition. FB me or email me TACL372260@q.com I'll even deliver it if you'd like.

  3. @Tiffany, I don't know. Everything I've heard about that book suggests it's name should be "What to Expect When You're Expecting the Worst." I've heard it has a lot of scary stuff in it.

  4. Pregnancy Spanx? You gotta be kidding. The idea you MUST sleep on your side is news to me. Yeah, it's more comfortable, but I didn't know there were problems if you didn't. Shows that I'm one of the old mamas!

    It sounds like you have the perfect doctor (and nurses).