Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Aloha Babymoon, part 5

A mostly uneventful -- but very relaxing morning -- led to a drive to Poipu Beach, where the S.O. took surfing lessons. I didn't think the Nubbin would appreciate all the falling and sucking in of salt water surfing seems to involve, so I sat in the sun and took pictures.

As you can see, the S.O. had a great time but was exhausted at the end of the lesson. It was a good reason to just lay in the sun for a while longer. It was a very pretty beach.

After leaving the beach, we walked through some of the Old Koloa Town shops and had ice cream (taking photos can really build up an appetite, you know).

As we were leaving to do a little more shopping, the S.O. asked the girl at the counter if she knew of a good noodle place. She directed us to a little restaurant in Lihue. It was a tiny hole-in-the-wall place, and there were just two other people when we entered. By the time we'd finished our meal, a long line of customers was waiting for seats.

Even though not a lot happened on this day -- granted a Colorado boy surfing is a pretty big deal -- it was one of the best days of the vacation.

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