Monday, November 22, 2010

My Gratitude List

My good friend Lisa over at Grandma's Briefs has a lovely post today, and I am going to follow her lead and create a gratitude list.

It's a good idea to remind ourselves of the blessings we have. With that in mind here are some of the things I am grateful for right now:
  • Normal test results
  • Friends who cook delicious meals and entertain me with goofy cover tunes
  • Friends who read my blog and listen to my rants, worries, joys, fears, etc.
  • My family -- Though far flung, they are close to my heart
  • My dog who is a constant source of entertainment
  • Space heaters and fingerless gloves
  • Decaf coffee
  • Internet shopping and free shipping
  • My expanding belly
  • My new food processor
  • Stretchy pants
  • Tylenol PM
  • PreNatal Gummy Vitamins
  • Body pillows and Sqush pillows
  • The S.O. who took me on the vacation of a lifetime, takes care of me daily, lets me cry on his shoulder, allows me to take long afternoon naps and only complains a little when I don't fix dinner or clean the house
  • And all the things that I normally take for granted, like indoor plumbing, modern medicine, a roof over my head and access to safe, healthy food and water


  1. Fingerless gloves and food processors, ah yes. Those would probably make my list, too. :)

  2. I have done this for years. Its the last thing I do every day. I write down 5 things I am grateful for. Sometimes its a struggle to come up with 5 things, but most of the time its easy. Your nephew is always #1. I got this idea from Oprah, It has really helped me and its kinda neat to look back a few years and see what was going on. You go Pam, you make me proud! :) ♥ Melinda

  3. Aw, Melinda, you're going to make me cry. I used to keep a gratitude journal. I should probably start up that practice again.

  4. Excellent list! The Gummy vitamins made me smile ... because the other preggers person in my life LOVES her gummy vitamins, too!