Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Aloha Babymoon, part 3

Hey everybody! I hope you're not sick of hearing about my trip yet because I have more to tell you.

Our third day in Hawaii started out with a trip to a nearby farmer's market. With the clouds and looming rain, it wasn't very busy, so we were able to talk to a lot of farmers and try samples of some unusual things. We tried rambutan, a prickly fruit you break open. It has a subtly sweet flavor and looks pretty interesting.
We also tried (and bought) some Kaua’i Keshir Tea. It's made from coffee bean husks and "is low in caffeine, high in antioxidants, with a natural sweetness which comes from the coffee fruit." I haven't yet brewed any at home but plan to later today.

We even bought a slice of pie made with local mangos to have for dessert later that evening. (It was delicious!)

After returning our spoils to the condo, we headed west to Waimea, then north to Waimea Canyon. We stopped at the Waimea Canyon Lookout and Pu'u Hinahina Lookout.
Waimea Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and I have to admit it is awesome, in the true sense of the word. From there we went farther up the road to Koke'e State Park. There we visited the park's museum and had lunch at the lodge. After a short nature hike, we drove on to Kalalau Lookout, where we saw an amazing rainbow over the Na Pali Coast.
With rain rolling in, we drove on to Pu'uokila Lookout and walked a little way on the wet and muddy trail. Parts of "Jurassic Park" were filmed in this area, and it really does look quite prehistoric -- also a little treacherous.From there, we headed back east toward our condo. We made a short stop in Hanapepe to check out the town's suspension bridge. The S.O. zoomed over the bridge while I watched from the safety of the shore. Even though I had no problem looking out over the precipice at the canyon, the swinging bridge gave me a bit of vertigo (I'm pretty sure the Nubbin had something to do with that) and I only stepped out far enough to have my picture taken.

We finished up the day with a walk along the beach near our resort.

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  1. I'm feeling all wistful looking at your pictures. We went to Kauai for our 15th wedding anniversary 3 years ago and it was more wonderful than I ever imagined. It's so cool looking at your pictures and knowing exactly where you are. But it makes me want to go back!

    So glad you had such a wonderful time!