Monday, November 4, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 4

Today, I have to express gratitude for my "sisters" -- the women who chose my brothers as their husbands (technically or not). Two of them have been family for a very long time and one more recently, but they have all made quite an impact on my life.

The two who have been in the family for a long time blessed us with one of my wonderful nieces and two of my wonderful nephews. The other "sister" brought my third brother much deserved love and happiness.

When I was little, I wanted a sister. As a teenager, I was glad I didn't have a sister because my friends and their sisters all seemed to hate each other and fight all the time. Sure, I fought with my brothers sometimes, but never over clothes or boys. When my brothers got married, I gained sisters. I can't imagine my life without them. And I can't imagine how my brothers would have turned out without their good influence.

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