Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 14

I am grateful for our public library system.

I have loved books my entire life. I am trying to instill a love of book in Milo too. It seems to be working. The library is such a big part of that task because it would be silly to buy every book we read to the boy. Some of the books we check out are big hits -- big enough that we do end up buying him the book. Some are huge flops and only get read once before being returned. We have discovered new authors and rediscovered books that the S.O. and I loved as kids. We have learned that Milo especially likes books about dinosaurs, aliens, robots and any kind of transportation. (He's such a boy!)

Without the library, we would probably be stuck reading the same books over and over and over. I think even a 2-year-old gets tired of hearing how a dinosaur loves his dog after a while. Or, we would have invested a small fortune in buying books -- many that would just collect dust. The same goes for the S.O. and me. We check out at least a couple books each every month, some enjoyed, some returned unread.

We often take the library for granted but I really am grateful for it.

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