Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 2

I am grateful for so many modern conveniences, including hot and cold running water, electric heat, washing machines, smart phones and the internet. Without those last two it would be so much harder for me to keep in touch (or reconnect) with family and friends spread across the country.

With my smart phone, I'm able to text pictures and send messages to family and friends without having to wait days for a reply. With the internet, I'm able to post to Facebook or my blog and keep everyone up to date on Milo's progress and other things going on in our lives without having to write and send dozens of letters.

Some may argue that smart phones have made us less connected. It's true sometimes we're more likely to bury our faces in our phones instead of talking to those people standing right in front of us. I'm still grateful for mine and others' smart phones. Without them, I might not be able to keep in touch with so many people I love and miss.

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