Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 22: Grapefruit

This week Fit Pregnancy is back to food comparisons, telling me my unborn is about the size of a small grapefruit.

They also keep saying "she." I understand this is better than saying "he or she" from an editorial point of view, but they use the feminine every week -- and not all of us are having girls.

With my mini-rant out of the way, I'll tell you Fit Pregnancy says:
"Her fingernails are almost fully grown, and her organ systems are becoming more functional and specialized. She has a distinct pair of lips, and her first canines and molars are developing below her gum line. She looks like a miniature newborn. Blood is traveling through the umbilical cord at four miles an hour, fueling her growth with oxygen and nutrients."
Which -- despite the feminine pronoun for my male unborn baby -- is pretty damn cool.

As for my changing body, they mostly tell me about yucky stuff (like yeast infections and anemia) and that "your uterus is certainly growing, but you can probably still bend over, sit, drive, and function fairly comfortably." Define "comfortably," Fit Pregnancy.

While the boy growing inside me is grapefruit size, I'm pretty sure I'm beginning to look a lot like I'm smuggling a watermelon under my shirt.


  1. Four miles an hour? Wow, you're one powerful preggo!