Monday, December 27, 2010

This is a real thing

Earlier this month, I posted a funny video about prenatal pole dancing. Ha ha. Nobody's going to pole dance while pregnant. Right? However, it seems they just might belly dance while pregnant.

I found this DVD while looking for some prenatal workout videos at Amazon. And it gets four stars from customers. What it doesn't get is any kind of description. It's also not the only prenatal belly dance DVD available.

Maybe I'm just really self-conscious, and maybe I wouldn't belly dance if I weren't pregnant, but it seems a little silly to me.  I just can't imagine shimmying my big ol' pregnant belly around the way belly dancing requires. (At least the way I've seen it done.)

On the other hand, if it gets a momma-to-be up off the couch and moving, who am I to judge?

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