Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 19: More comparisons to food

I made it to 19 weeks, and Fit Pregnancy is now comparing the growing baby to an apple. Wait. Isn't a lobster tail bigger than an apple? Maybe it depends on the apple. More specifically, they tell me the baby is between 5 and 6 inches long and weighs about 7 ounces.

More importantly, they tell me:
Loud sounds as well as any feelings you may have of stress or alarm may be communicated to the baby. The baby responds to these stresses by becoming more active. Practicing yoga and meditation can be good for your sense of calm and balance.
I have been trying to do some yoga, but I've never gotten the hang of meditation. I think it defeats the purpose if you spend the whole time wondering if you're doing it right.

As for the statement, "You may be popping out all over, with bigger breasts and a bulge above your pelvis," that's been happening for a while now. Although lots of people keep telling me I don't look pregnant. Tell that to my pants that don't fit.


  1. Maybe it's by weight? Because six inches is a big-ass apple.

  2. @Heather, I was thinking the same thing!