Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 21: Bear cubs!

My e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy this week once again forgoes comparing my unborn child to food. This week, my little one is about the "length of a spoon" -- so not food, but a food utensil. It goes on to say the baby's current weight is about 10.5 ounces. "Ten and one-half ounces is also the size bear cubs are when they are born," it says.

Baby is about the length of a spoon and the weight of a newborn bear cub. And he's spending his time putting on weight by drinking amniotic fluid. His eyelids are developed, and even though his eyes are  still sealed, his eyes are active. That's pretty cool.

As for what it says about my changing body, I have to disagree:
Some women report feeling better and more energized at this stage of pregnancy than they have at any point in their life.
I feel pretty good -- much better than during the first trimester -- but not better than any point in my life.  With all that's happened this week, I am definitely feeling pretty good emotionally. And I'd say that's more important at the moment than how I feel physically.

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