Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Album

I've been trying to collect photos of the S.O. and his family so I can create a family tree photo album for our future son. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have many (any) of the S.O.'s grandparents and very few of his parents. I also have been unable to get any baby pictures of him.

But I did find these photos in one of his albums.

Behold! The S.O. as a boy (such the athlete):

 Pretty darn cute, right?

But check out your humble blogger as a toddler:
So sweet, so innocent, so blond!

And as an infant:
How do you like my little Kewpie curl?

Let me just say, with all lack of humbleness, if our kid is half as cute as we were, he's going to be a knockout.

Although, I imagine I will think that about him no matter what.


  1. I agree one-hundred-and-seventeen percent!

  2. You guys were such cute kids!!! (and still cute :) )

    (sorry, I'm just now getting caught up on all my reading - but couldn't help but comment when I saw these - LOVE old pictures!)