Friday, December 3, 2010

The Toughest Job

Through all my hopes and fears, one thing rings true. Based on my own parents' experiences with my brothers and me and on the experiences of friends with children ranging from infants to adults, I realize you never stop worrying about your kids.

There are dirty diapers and 2 a.m. feedings and staying up waiting when they take the car or go on a first date. And if your kids sick or hurting -- no matter their age -- you continue to have hopes and fears.

No matter how old you are there always seems to come a time when you still need Mom (or Dad), a time when you want her to fold you in her arms, kiss away the tears and tell you everything is going to be all right -- even if she isn't really all that sure herself. It's what being a parent is all about.

And I'm grateful to have (and to have had) people in my life who have set high standards for that job.

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