Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finding inspiration

Most of the day -- and evening -- Saturday was spent at birthday parties. The S.O. and I went to a party for a 2-year-old and his 3-year-old cousin at 11 a.m. From there we went to a birthday party at a taekwondo center for a 10-year-old. In the evening, we went to a grown-up birthday party. It was a day of fun and junk food.

The best part for me is that two of the women we spent time with (the mother of the 2-year-old and the adult having the evening party) are good friends that also happen to be older new mommies. One had her son at 39, the other at 40. Even better is that they are both over-the-moon happy at being moms and don't feel their age is a hindrance.

I have to admit that there have been times when I thought being a older new mom wasn't the best thing in the world -- when I would think about how old I'll be when he graduates high school or when he'll make me a grandma (OK, that one I don't mind waiting for!). But after hanging out with these two amazing older new moms, I realize that none of us are that old. Not only are we not that old chronologically, but we are extremely young at heart. Plus, we all take good care of ourselves.

I didn't necessarily plan to have a baby at 43 but I think everything happens for a reason. I know that I never had the right partner before the S.O. I never had the right frame of mind before now. The thought of being a mom still sometimes scares me but not nearly the way it did 10 years ago -- even less so after seeing images of my wee one.

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  1. When it comes to real estate, the key is "location, location, location." When it comes to parenting, the key is "support, support, support." You've found your support -- as well as inspiration. You're going to do and be just fine! So happy for you!