Monday, October 18, 2010

I also have hopes

I know I mostly talk about how worried I am about this or that, but I have hopes, too. My Saturday was split between a morning workout event and an evening fund-raising event. And because this pregnant lady has a hard time functioning without her mid-afternoon nap, there wasn't much time in the day for doing fun Saturday kinds of things. Still, the S.O. and I did go to the library, followed by sitting in the sun outside Starbucks (decaf only for me, thanks) and browsing at the bike store.

That short -- yet enjoyable outing -- led me to think about some of the things I hope my baby-to-be gets from me.

I hope my baby enjoys books and reading as much as I do. The library is one of my very favorite places and has been for as long as I can remember. As an elementary-school student I helped shelve books after school, and I even did it for one summer "professionally." Yes, for a short time I got paid to look at books. I plan to read to baby from the time he or she is born.

I also hope my baby enjoys the outdoors as much as I do (to offset all those hours sitting around reading). In the bike store, I looked at a stroller/trailer combo that would allow me to walk/run with baby, as well as pull baby behind my bike. It also got me thinking about baby backpacks and slings (the ones to carry baby, not for baby to carry) for long walks and hiking. I want my baby to see the wonders of the outdoors and the joy of being active even before he or she can walk. I hope my baby is born healthy and am doing all I can now to make that happen. I also know I can contribute to how healthy he or she grows up to be.

I know we only have some control over our children and the way they grow up. But I hope I can set a good example in all the things I do.


  1. You're going to be such an awesome mom!

  2. If Nubbin follows Mommy's example, he/she will be a healthy, well-rounded little dude/dude-ette!