Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 12: All about high fiber and low impact

I'm right at week 12 now and definitely feeling better. Although, today is a gloomy fall day, dreary, cool and rainy, and it has me feeling a little blue. And my e-mail newsletter from Fit Pregnancy didn't really help.
This is about the time the muscles of your stomach slow down, making your stools harder and drier and making you gassier.
This whole miracle of life thing can be pretty gross sometimes. They do go on to tell me that brisk walks, high-fiber foods -- like fresh vegetables and dried fruit -- plenty of water will help keep my intestinal tract moving.

Then there's this sentence about my growing baby: "This begins the age when the fetus starts to look really cut in those womb pictures." I think they probably mean "cute." But I was working out an awful lot before I got pregnant and this is Fit Pregnancy, so maybe the little Nubbin is totally "cut" and buff.

Speaking of working out, I tried my first Yoga Mama workout this morning. It was available to watching instantly on Netflix so I didn't have to buy it. I've never been very good at yoga, and in the past, yoga videos have sometimes been annoying, because it's hard to watch and recreate the poses at the same time. The instructor in this video describes the poses thoroughly, then gives the pose name. Because it's designed for pregnant women, it's very slow and low impact and more about connecting with your body and your baby. It may be a bit airy fairy for some people, but I needed something relaxing on this ugly fall morning. And it did calm my mind.

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  1. Yay for Yoga Mama! Maybe when they come out with Yoga Grandmama I'll give it a shot (unless it's by the 83-year-old grandma you showed me!).