Friday, October 1, 2010

Just your normal whining

I had absolutely no delusions that being pregnant at 42 would be a walk in the park. I'm really glad I was in good shape before I got pregnant because I can't imagine doing this any other way.

Is it really normal to already have hip pain? Back pain? Insomnia because of the hip and back pain? Are my boobs supposed to feel like they're filled with lava? I'm just past the 10 week mark. Does it just get worse from here? Is it my age or do pregnant women of all ages go through these aches and pains?

Being the worrywart that I am, I wonder about everything and whether or not it's "normal," realizing all the time that "normal" is a relative term. I read and am told it's "normal" to have morning sickness any time of the day through the first trimester. But it's not necessarily abnormal to have no morning sickness at all or for the morning sickness to extend well into the second trimester.

I have picked up "You: Having a Baby" by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz (yep, that Dr. Oz) from the library, based on a recommendation from the doctor's office. I've flipped through it. So far, I've not seen any surprises, and it seems that yes, most of the things I'm experiencing are "normal."

I've heard mixed reviews on "What To Expect When You're Expecting." Some people -- including one friend -- swear by it, but the nurse at my OB's said, "Stay away." She tells me there are scenarios in that book that in all her 17 years of practice has never heard of actually happening to a mom-to-be. Sounds like the kind of book that would keep me awake at night -- or, you know, keep me more awake at night.

On the flip side of the scary, another friend gave me a CD of "nurturing music" and a certificate for one session of hypnosis. And yet, despite my fears and aches and nights staring at the ceiling wondering and worrying, I have yet to listen to the CD or call for an appointment. I'm sure it will benefit, even if it just allows me to relax for a few minutes. But I procrastinate because that's really completely normal for me.


  1. I think the general rule is this:
    First trimester: SUCKS.
    Second trimester: Decent, not terrible.
    Third trimester: SUCKS.

    Just do your best to relax and try not to scare yourself by reading about all the shit that can go wrong. (DON'T BREATHE THE AIR! AHHH!) Also, take a lot of naps.

  2. After posting this, I read that too much anxiety in the mom-to-be can effect baby even after he's born. OK. That didn't help. Napping is the absolute BEST advice I've received. Bar none.

  3. Yep, "normal" is a relative term. It all sounds pretty much relatively normal to me.

    Enjoy the naps! And the procrastination!

  4. Yes naps are great. And I'm in agreance with Heather. Although I didn't experience much of the 3rd trimester. But i'll stop there. Don't want to scare you but He's a healthy happy 2 year old now so now worries.