Friday, October 8, 2010

What if I look like a bag lady?

Last year, I thought I would buy a new ski jacket. The one I have is 10 years old and starting to show its age. But after trying on a few and looking at the price tags, I decided the old one could last awhile longer.

This year -- although we've had a very warm October so far -- I know the coat(s) I have aren't going to cut it for the entire season. At some point, I won't be able to zip up the cute little shorty suede number, and even the ski jacket will probably get too snug to cover the growing bump.

My dilemma is this: Do I buy a maternity coat that I know I will only use for one season? Do I tough it out through winter, just not zipping up my coat, despite the fact that if the temperature dips below 70, I'm cold? Do I buy something cheap? Do I just forgo any kind of fashion and wear one of my significant other's coats (if it would even fit)?

I'm pretty sure I'm just looking for something to worry about that doesn't involve genetic testing and birth defects. But I actually am a little concerned about spending money on a winter coat that I'll just use for a few months -- even a coat from a consignment store or the like.

I worry about buying other things, too, like new shoes. I read that your feet sometimes never return to their pre-pregnancy size. And what about bras? The ones I have now are starting to ... um ... overflow a little bit, but I imagine they're going to overflow a lot more. So, I wait.

And I worry about buying clothes that won't get much use. And I worry about not buying anything nice and spending weeks at a time in my significant other's sweatpants and t-shirts.

I'm beginning to think I should have named this blog 40-Something Worry Wart or Come Worry With Me. Is it possible that I'll get all the worrying out of the way during the next 29 weeks and be a totally chill and relaxed mom?

Don't say anything. I already know the answer to that last one.


  1. What about a stretchy coat? That would still work after pregnancy. Or if it's a simple design, you could have it altered afterward for very little money.

  2. I was kind of looking for some type of swing coat (is that what they're called?) that wouldn't be too obviously a pregnant-lady coat.

  3. You'll feel much better about the whole thing if you look good while doing it. Look at how many other items you buy and likely only wear a time or two for various reasons. I say buy what makes you happy, what makes you look good,then pass it off to a consignment store.

  4. Ok sis-in-law STOP you are worrying about WAY too much!!! Try to stop and enjoy this whole journey. You are growing a little being in you. Think positive, it will do both you and the baby good!!! I know its a Lard thing! I did the genetic test w/Justin. The scariest thing I ever did. I have a funny story about it actually. I was glad I did it because I knew I needed to be prepared if there was something wrong. It is a decision that is very personal. Think about why you are want or don't want to do it, then commit to that decision. Also got a call form your dad yesterday....he knows, Rosie talked. Love you and try and enjoy this crazy ride. Cause it will only get crazier when you actually have a baby. But its the best ride I have ever been on. Your nephew is the one thing I know I did right! We love you and pray for you all every day!!! Melinda