Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Milo's busy weekend

The three-day weekend was quite busy for little Milo. Saturday, we went to a friend's barbecue, where Milo was popular with the ladies (especially the grandma-type ladies). The S.O. and I got a bit of a break while everyone else held Milo. Milo slept extra long that night. I didn't, though, because I'm so used to him waking more often that I was awake checking on him.

Sunday included shopping and a trip to the library.

Then Monday we took Milo to Fort Logan National Cemetery to visit his paternal grandfather's grave site.

I know Milo won't remember this weekend but I think it's important for us to start make family memories now. Sure, it's easier to stay at home and watch movies or to go places separately so we don't have to haul Milo and all his stuff, but it's a lot more fun to do these things together.

On a more serious note, I also think it's important for Milo to visit his grandfather's grave and to understand (someday) what all those headstones mean to our country.

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  1. His first whirlwind weekend, for sure! I was happy to be one of those grandma-type ladies. :o)