Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And we're back

Please forgive the recent radio silence from Chez Milo. My laptop had to go into the shop. It's home now, with a nice new case, new keyboard, etc. Only the insides are still the same.

To catch you up:

Milo and I took our first outing without Daddy today. We went to the Mac Superstore to collect the laptop, then to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. Milo was great. I was stressed out over nothing. The boy mostly slept. I had some concerns about getting the car seat in and out of my Honda Element, but it was fine -- easy peasy.

On a less than happy note, I have been struggling with some -- ahem -- breast issues, including clogs ducts. Yes, it's icky and quite painful. It seems I don't get to skip feedings (and have Daddy give Milo a bottle) unless I pump. It's not really serious, according to the doctor, unless I start to run a fever and display other flu-like symptoms. It's just icky.

I had my six-week appointment, and the doctor told me I could start exercising again. So far, I've been walking (with Milo strapped on in his Baby Bjorn) and doing some push-ups and planks -- nothing very strenuous. But I'll get there.

Milo has nearly outgrown his 0-3 month onesies and is wearing some 3-month clothes already at just over 7 weeks old. Our very unscientific method of weighing him at home (weighing Daddy alone, then with Milo in his arms) reveals that our little man is somewhere around 12 pounds. Can that really be right?

Wearing a 3-month onesie and looking adorable.
We've been busy, but I promise to try to post more often -- and more interesting material soon.


  1. Tiffany J.June 08, 2011

    Okay I know this is gonna sound funny but get some booby tubes

    They are these neat little things that you can put in the microwave and heat up. Heat is supposed to help clogged ducts. It worked for me. ;-)

    Oh and Bebe is Cute of course. ;-)

  2. Boy, he *is* growing fast! Very cute photos!

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    I'm so glad you were able to get out, I remember being so worried about being out and about and having him freak out. Keep going out - they adjust. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the clogged ducts - I had that a lot too, as I produced copious amounts of milk for my little guy. As time goes on, that gets better - your body adjusts to how much he needs. And heating pads help *immensely*. Also, have Milo nurse on the side that hurts - I know, that'll make it hurt more for a bit, but it'll help release the clogs.

    As for whether 12 pounds is possible - it is! My little guy was 8 lbs at birth, and 16 lbs by 3 months ... so 12 at 7 weeks is definitely possible. He does look big. (Love the chubby thighs ... very adorable!)

    Glad you're doing well.