Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby's first Wranglers

Milo's Great-Aunt D visited this past weekend. As I've mentioned before, she is very special to me. And now, she'll be very special to Milo. In fact, I have asked her if it's OK if we call her "Gramma D." I think my mom would have liked that.

Milo loves his "Gramma D"

Well, Gramma D, being the super generous woman she is, took really good care of us during her visit. Now only did she bring gifts, she took me shopping (ala "What Not To Wear"), took us all out to dinner and even babysat for an evening so the S.O. and I could go out for sushi.

Among the gifts she brought was a pair of baby Wranglers. They're a bit big for Milo but we just had to get pictures.

Ride 'em, cowboy!

She also brought Milo a menagerie of critters.

Hippos and duckies and bunnies! Oh my!

And last, but far from least, she gave me a rocker that my grandparents gave her when she was a teen, along with a teddy bear and cross-stitch my mom made for her.

Milo may never get to meet his grandma in person, but he will certainly know her, thanks to the love she spread. Years ago, I wrote an overly sentimental poem that for all its cheesiness still rings true to me.

It ends like this:
Love grew in the garden
Among the vines and flowers
Love sat among us quietly
While we talked away the hours
Magic came and magic went
was passed down to the daughter
Now love grows in my mother's house
And flows again like water


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Gramma D your mom would LOVE that! So glad she was able to get out there and meet Milo. Aunt Dee is a sweetie. How nice of her to bring gifts and give you a night out! Also love your poem. Your mom left behind so many gifts of love to pass on. I only have to look around my house and I still see her everywhere. Milo will get to do the same. Now its up to all of us to fill him in of stories of what an amazing grandma and lady she was! Love you all, Melinda

  2. Sweet post, Pam. Gramma D will be good for Milo...and you. Love the Wranglers!