Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't go breaking my heart

Milo went for his two-month checkup this morning. He's actually 9 1/2 weeks old now but his doctor was on vacation last week, so we had to put it off a little while.

The nurse's measurements confirmed our beliefs that our little man is growing like a weed. At 12 pounds 15 ounces, he falls in the 80th percentile and at 23 1/4 inches, he's in the 64th percentile for height. So, he's slowed down a little in the height department and picked up the pace in the weight department.

The hard part of his appointment was the series of vaccinations he received. Those of you who are parents know how hard it is to see your child in pain. Poor little Milo was perfectly content, holding Mommy's finger, while Daddy rubbed his head. After the first needle pricked him, he just sort of looked around for a second. Then the pain reached his little brain, and he set off a wail to break your heart.

It's heartbreaking to hear him cry, but vaccines are so important. Yes, I'm sure there are those who disagree on that subject, but I won't be swayed. He will get all his vaccinations.

As a result, I have spent a good part of the day soothing my fussy boy.

Not even his bad-ass Iron Man band aid could completely mollify him.

In fact, he's giving Daddy a hard time right now. Time for me to swoop in and save the day. Suck on that, Iron Man!

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  1. wow. that's the best sour face i have seen in a long time... and i see quite a few of them...