Friday, June 17, 2011

True confessions?

I recently took a survey for a parent magazine/Web site. Part of the survey was "true mommy confessions." Among the list of horrible things I could confess to was watching TV while breastfeeding (using a computer or smart phone while breastfeeding was also there).

So, yes, I must confess to watching TV while breastfeeding. A lot. Milo is nursing practically every two hours. All. Day. Long. Am I really supposed to spend all that time gazing lovingly at my child? True true confession: I spend a lot of time gazing lovingly at my child, but I cannot spend all my waking hours doing that.

"But why not, Mommy?"

I've tried reading while breastfeeding, but it's not all that easy to hang on to a sometimes squirmy 2-month-old and a book -- and turn pages.

I've tried listening to audio books. That works OK most of the time, until I start to fall asleep. Audio books are great when I'm doing chores or exercising. But they can be too soothing when just sitting still.

What am I supposed to do during Milo's feedings? Contemplate what a wonderful mother I am for breastfeeding? Bask in the glow of my womanhood? Fret over all the other things I'm not getting done, like completing the nursery, working out, fixing dinner? How much time can I spend thinking about those things? (Even when not breastfeeding, I have a hard time thinking about those things for very long.)

So, I confess. And if watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Clean House" on Netflix while I breastfeed makes me a bad mother -- you know, as opposed to a mother who neglects or abuses her child -- so be it.


  1. In what world is watching TV while breast feeding remotely harmful or remotely something to feel guilty about?

  2. Must be some alternate-universe Mommyland. I don't feel guilty about it but I started to worry that maybe I was supposed to. Nope. Still don't.

  3. I am so glad the guilt in this area is not real for you. What a crock! I watched TV almost constantly when I started breast feeding Abi. Mostly FoodTV. Do you know what happened? I learned to cook!... and (coincidentally?) Abi LOVES to watch cooking shows and help cook!

    I, for one, will be thrilled to know Milo when he becomes a bitchin' vampire slayer.

  4. Hmm, I guess I should feel even worse - I watched Entourage and True Blood. In my defense, my little guy was actually asleep on my lap at the time, and I had the volume turned way down. :-) But normally I was watching TLC while breastfeeding.

    I totally agree with the others - definitely no need for guilt. As you say, what else are you supposed to do for all that time?

    As my little guy got older, I would stare out his bedroom window and watch people in the apartment building across the way. It got to a point where I appreciated that quiet time to get my thoughts organized.