Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Food Tidings

Did I tell you about this site? My awesome friend Heather set up a schedule -- with the help of some other awesome friends -- to bring me and the S.O. meals three days a week.

Way back when -- before Milo was born -- I reposted a list of ways to assist new parents. Because I refused to give my underpants size, friends decided to help out by bringing food. And it has been awesome. Most days, there has been more than enough for at least a couple meals. And everything has been so tasty, leftovers are great.

Not only does having food brought in save us the trouble of cooking, it saves us from having to decide what to fix or pick up for dinner. I had no idea how exhausting decision making could be (not as exhausting as breastfeeding, but close).

I am so grateful to all my friends who have (or will) pitch in to take care of the S.O. and me so we can concentrate on taking care of Milo. I highly recommend this site and this idea for any new parent (or anyone who is convalescing).

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  1. It's a GREAT site. It made things so easy. You can thank the wonderful Heather for the recommendation.