Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daddy talk: Bucket lists

Things are great right now. Milo's being fussy and cries in frustration because he can't articulate what he wants. I can understand that, well at least the frustration part. He gets a little better at it each day. So far we know when he's thirsty, when he wants food, when he wants more. I am sure to him we aren't doing a great job but we are getting some level of understanding. Lots more to look forward to.

Yesterday we did a practice 10K run/walk and took a break at Gossage Youth Sports Park while some little league games were going on. I couldn't help but imagine Milo playing ball, to the point where I planned on getting him that padded shirt in case he gets hit with a ball. It isn't all that odd to imagine what kinds of things he will get into and what to pad his world with so he doesn't get hurt. I think that's the easy thing to do is to figure out all the things he will do.

One thing I have never contemplated are the things that he wouldn't be able to do. I ran across a story on CNN about the daughter of Mike and Laura Canahuati. Her name is Avery and has only 2 years to live. Her parents have come up with a bucket list for her and are working on getting as many of those items done for her. I know how stuck I would be just trying to understand why my perfect little child doesn't get to see his third birthday. I hope that Avery gets to do so many things and see so many places. I hope the same for Milo.

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