Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daddy Talk

Note: As a new feature, I'm asking Milo's Daddy (also known here as "the S.O.") to take over the blog one day a week to share his musings, boasts, worries and other thoughts on parenthood. So, without further ado, I give you Daddy Talk.

I never realized how special it is being a parent. Sitting in a car with the boy sleeping while Pam is inside World Market, shopping for something. And I am just happy.

I don't dread him waking up or not being able to get something done later. I am just happy existing. Just happy at the chance to be his dad and experience this peaceful moment. He is a great kid even when he's not being such a great kid.

Playtime with Daddy

It's odd how much I didn't expect to change then how much I welcomed it -- whatever the change was/is. I surely am more accepting of picking up soggy Cherrios and stepping in spots of random drool than I ever thought I could be. Things just happen and it's not so bad. I kind of miss the really poopy diapers at 2 a.m. and the clingy baby. The good part now is that when he gets clingy the grip is so much stronger but the crying is so much stronger too.

Now, given, it hasn't been all sunshine and flowers.  I think that I still need to work on the whole baby doesn't know he's irritating you part. He just really wants his mama or to not be in his crib in the middle of the afternoon or something else babies want. I have on occasion asked the boy wtf in elevated tones and not gotten the response I would like. I have found that he responds much better to sarcasm though.  It's just making sure that I get the sarcasm going before the yelling at a baby part that I am really working on.

I always wanted to be that perfect dad that never raised his voice and calmly worked his way through it all. I haven't quite achieved that yet. Mostly I don't want to do things the way my mom did.


  1. Wow, sounds like you are really getting the Dad part down pat. I love reading Pam's Blogs - and now I can add your day to the joy. Pam had such a wonderful Mom, so sorry you didn't, but I don't think you need to worry any that you won't get it right. Do what you are doing, just enjoy. Aunt Minnie

  2. Congratulations Dad! I loved reading your comments. I'm a first-time Mom of 40 (my little guy is now 3), and all your comments resonated with me. Somehow, when it's your child, the messes don't bother you as much as if it was someone else's child. Must be some instinct that makes you love them no matter what - which is good, because it also keeps you from killing them when they annoy you - because they SO know how to push your buttons! :-)

    And I too am working on the same thing with my guy - not raising my voice. It's so, so easy to do. My three year old has discovered the world, and there are so many distractions. It's so hard to get his attention these days, and both my husband and I are guilty of raising our voice to try to get him to hear us. And once you've raised your voice, it's like your body knows you're angry, and it's so hard to come back down from that. So, I feel your pain. Keep working at it, and so will I. My husband and I are working at it together - reminding each other when we're getting louder. Maybe it's something you and Pam can do together?

    But overall, remember - you guys are doing a great job, and Milo's adorable!

  3. Love the Daddy Talk idea! Great start. This resonates: "Mostly I don't want to do things the way my mom did." I think that's how any of us feel regarding our parenting (and grandparenting) goals. You're on the right road.

    I look forward to more from the Daddy/S.O. :)