Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Months

Dear Milo,

Another month has flown by and you continue to change by leaps and bounds. You pull yourself up easily and cruise around the furniture like an old pro. You've even been trying to stand on your own, letting go of things for longer and longer lengths of time.

Your vocabulary is growing. You still mostly talk in babbles but you clearly say "Daddy," although not always just when you see Daddy. Today you pointed to the Simpsons character on my t-shirt and said, "Daddy!" (Hee!) You also say "Aw-gy" when the dog comes around.  You are very consistent with that word so I'm sure you are saying "Doggy."

You make Daddy and me proud every day. While the logical part of my brain knows that you're progressing as most any child would, it doesn't stop me from thinking everything you do is special and amazing. Obviously, I'm proud and amazed that you're my child.

You have a second tooth coming in and possibly even a third. I worried for a little while that they were taking too long to come in, but according to your doctor, later is better when it comes to healthy chompers.

You spend more time actually looking at your books and playing with your toys instead of just chewing them. You interact with us and others more now, as well. At the Little Gym, you enjoy playing with the other kids. You're fascinated by the older children and the things they can do.

Even though you're going through some separation anxiety, you are fearless when it comes to trying to new things. You climb the stairs like it's the simplest thing. And you love looking into cabinets and opening drawers. We have had to babyproof in earnest.

You are eating a wider variety of foods, including lots more finger foods and even some of the things we eat. You especially like Cheerios, bread, cheese and peas.

Your antics and your laughter can set me to giggling like a little girl. Sometimes you will come to me for a cuddle and it melts my heart.  I never believed my heart could melt like that. I never knew I could enjoy such simple things. When you lay your head on my shoulder and slip off to sleep, I fall even further in love with you.

Sometimes it feels like you joined our lives just yesterday. Other times it feels like you've been in our lives forever. These past 10 months have been incredible -- fun and challenging and filled with love.

I love you so much, Sweetness.



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  1. What a beautiful letter to Milo. I'm glad you're all doing so well, and are so happy. He is growing so fast, and is so adorable! I barely remember when my guy was that little, but it wasn't so long ago - he's 3.5 now. Enjoy the time with, it'll fly by!