Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Age ain't nothing but a number

This article from Parenting.com contains some awesome news for someone like me:
"A recent study shows that women over 40 who have babies without help from fertility drugs or other assisted reproductive technologies tend to live longer than those who don't. Why? One theory is that estrogen, which is still produced in abundance in fertile women, has life-lengthening effects on the heart, bones, and other organs."
The article talks about the downside of being over 40 and pregnant, too, such as the fact that fatigue is more pronounced in older moms-to-be than younger ones. And "babies born to women in their 40s are also more likely to have lower birth weights (under 5 1/2 pounds)."

I know that my fitness level at the time I got pregnant has contributed greatly to how my pregnancy has progressed. I know that I was in a lot better shape -- both physically and emotionally -- at the time I got pregnant than I was 10 years ago. (I was also in an unhealthy relationship 10 years ago, but that's a story for another time.)

The news about living longer makes me happy mostly because I want to be around for my baby's milestones as he ages. I will continue to work out and take care of myself -- and encourage the S.O. to do so, as well -- because we both know the pain of losing a parent too soon. Although, are we ever really ready for that?

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  1. Considering the shape you're in, I'm pretty sure you'll be around for the milestones of not only your baby, but the milestones of your GRANDbabies, too!