Friday, April 8, 2011

Due date update

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and she revised my due date slightly. My original official due date was April 28. (I still believe Baby will come a little early.) Because of my advanced maternal age and the day of the week my doc is on call, if Baby does not come early, I will be induced on April 26.

It's really nice to have a deadline, to know that I will definitely be meeting Baby April 26 -- or sooner. I understand the positives and negatives to being induced. I know, for instance, that inducing labor "may cause your contractions to come on stronger and more often than they would naturally."

But at this point, all I can think about is soon I will no longer be a mom-to-be but an actual mom.


  1. I absolutly LOVED seeing your tummy pics yesterday!!! We are so very excited for you. I was induced 2X, first time nothing got going. Second time well you know the results. I am so very excited for all of you!!! Focus on that baby and you can get through anything!!! Just imagine looking into his beautiful eyes and knowing that you just fell instantly in love with this tiny little person. Its crazy, its been 15 years since I had your nephew and I remember it like it was yesterday. ♥ U Melinda

  2. I'm excited to meet the "actual mom" you'll be.

    Deadlines are always nice, I think. So much better than wondering.

  3. The due date only got a little closer