Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 24: That's Bananas!

This week my unborn baby is about the size of a banana, so says my email newsletter from Fit Pregnancy. They also say, "It's time to schedule an appointment for your glucose screen, which checks for gestational diabetes; it is conducted between weeks 24 and 28."

I am not looking forward to the glucose screen because they accidentally ordered this test during my very first visit to my OB (at five and a half weeks). Those of you who've had this test know how pleasant tasting the goo they have you drink is. (Hint: It's not at all pleasant tasting.) Then you get to sit in the waiting room for an hour -- reading old magazines and/or watching "Regis and Kelly" -- to see how you react to the onslaught of sugar. I'm also a bit nervous because I have had a raging sweet tooth (especially over the holidays) and hope it hasn't caused major problems.

They tell me too that baby's skin is starting to become less translucent "as pigment is deposited, and it looks wrinkly because her body is making her skin more quickly than it makes the fat to pad underneath it. Your baby's unique hand- and footprints are forming." No getting away with burglary now, kiddo.

The bump is definitely sticking out there now, but I still think most people just think I'm getting chunky. So far, I've been pretty lucky to not experience some of the things that could be happening -- like heartburn, muscle aches, sore feet, and dizziness -- but I'm not so naive as to think I'm getting off scot-free. Besides, I've had my share of other stuff, like restless legs, achy ligaments and being bone tired.

I suppose I need to get used to feeling tired all the time. I don't expect that will change for a while.


  1. Nope, won't change. You'll be tired until he graduates from high school (gotta stay up to ensure he's home at curfew). Then you get even MORE tired worrying about them away at college. As a mom you will NEVER feel rested and you will NEVER stop worrying!

    But you do get lots of warm fuzzies and slobbery kisses and grins from the stage or field when they're in programs or sports, and "Hi Mom" signs when they're on camera behind Hoda and Kathie Lee ... which so makes it all worth it. Enjoy!

  2. Don't worry, you can't cause gestational diabetes. It just happens or it doesn't.

    Also, I'm still tired after three and a half years, so I'm thinking it's going to be a while. :)

  3. pshhhhh. you'll sleep fine in no time! by the time he's five he'll be all trained up on how to mix you your hot toddy. he'll hand deliver that puppy and you'll be cutting z's by the time he's snuggled in for the last episode of sponge bob square pants.

  4. I love getting the different perspectives from my real mom friends! :0)